International School

on Informatics and Dynamics

in Complex Networks

University of Catania, 15 -19 October 2018


The school is organized at the University of Catania, Italy, by the Department of Electrical Electronics and Computer Science and the Cometa Consortium. It consists of a series of lectures given by leading scientists in the field, aiming at providing a comprehensive treatment from background material to advanced results . The school is specially directed to PhD students and young researchers interested to the diverse aspects of the theory and applications of complex networks in science and engineering. Slots for presentations by the participants are also scheduled with an award to the best presentation. The school aims at encouraging cross-disciplinary discussions between participants and speakers and start new joint researches.

Topics: structure of networks, multilayer networks, brain networks, dynamics of networks, financial networks, applications.


Mauricio Barahona           Imperial College London

Mario Chavez                       CNRS Paris

Manlio De Domenico              FBK Trento

Ernesto Estrada                            Univ. of Strathclyde Glasgow

Vito Latora                                   Queen Mary University of London

Rosario N. Mantegna            Univ. of Palermo


Paolo Arena                           Univ. of Catania

Vito Latora                                  Queen Mary Univ. of London

Yamir Moreno                                BIFI Univ. of Zaragoza

Alessandro Vespignani Northeastern Univ. Boston


Vincenza Carchiolo               Univ. of Catania

Mattia Frasca                         Univ. of Catania

Giuseppe Mangioni                Univ. of Catania


Lucia V. Gambuzza                Univ. of Catania

Alessandro Longheu             Univ. of Catania


Prospective participants have to send their application via E_mail at including their name, affiliation, current position and short CV. Two-page abstract of a proposed talk should be also attached. Participants will be selected based on their CV and abstract.

BEST PRESENTATION AWARD: One best presentation award will be given to the best presentation selected by the school committee.


20.05.18 Application submission

10.06.18 Notification of acceptance

25.06.18 Registration deadline
               (only accepted students)

15-19.10.18 School!